If you’ve been paying attention to this site and the “wakeskate world” in the past few days, then you may have noticed I posted a review, then took it down, and now have it back up again. While it wasn’t a huge surprise a “controversial” board graphic would cause some controversy, it was never my intention to stir things up with a board review (and a totally positive one at that!) The point of posting the review was simply to showcase a board that, according to someone who’s ridden it at length, rides very well.  

But after a few emails were exchanged with concerned parties, I started to question my own judgment. I have a lot of respect for people who make wakeskates. It is truly a labor of love, and no matter how they choose to market their product or even what products they make, there is no question in my mind that every one making wakeskates is doing so because they love wakeskating. It was this respect for the guys at Integrity that prompted me to hastily remove the controversial review.

Now, after two days of inflection, and some advice from a friend, I realized that the people making E.R.A. Wakeskates also deserve the same respect. Like it or hate it, they are putting out a product (and an affordable one at that) and for that reason, the review is back live. The graphics and model name, however, have been omitted this time around, because well, they are tasteless.  And now I can sleep well knowing I stuck to my guns (at least sort of.)