So you want to learn a kickflip? Well, you should. A kickflip is the purest skateboard style trick out there, and with it under your belt, the sky is the limit. Pretty much you just jump and flick, but since you probably want a better explanation than that, here goes.

Frame 1
You’re going to want to edge out on your heels until you feel the speed you need to do a kickflip. I start with my back foot all the way on the tail and my front foot about 3 quarter up the board with my heel hanging off.

Frame 2
Now you are going to want to really dig that tail into the water so that your nose is high enough to slide and roll your foot up the side of your board.

Frame 3
Now flick your foot off the flat spot on your board. If you flick off that flat spot, it will help to level your board out for a clean spin.

Frame 4
After that flick, you are going to want to just wait and watch your board spin under your feet. Wait to see the grip tape come around while you hold your legs out of the way.

Frame 5
As you see the grip tape come around, start putting your feet onto the board.

Frame 6
Spot your landing and hold on! Keep that heel edge to stop you from slipping out.

Frames 8-9
And there you guys go! You got your self a skateboard kickflip. Just remember you have to really dig that tail into the water to get a good flick or you will be flicking air all day!


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