Kyle is a man of many names. Some call him a NOMAD, some call him a VEGAN some even go as far to call him a HIPPIE. Anyone who’s ever watched him ride knows the man has skills. I set out to find out everything you ever wanted to know about this “low budget wakeskating hippie.” In summary, KYLE WALTON is the real shit!

F: How long have you been riding a board?
KW: Since I was in diapers!

Funky: So where did you learn to wakeskate?
KW: Michigan. Well, I wakeskated in Clermont at the Wakeboard Camp once as well. Aaron Reed tried teaching me a shuv-it but I couldn’t land it. He let me ride his board though, it was so amazing. I was like, “OH MY GOD THIS IS AARON REED’S BOARD,” (not really). I’ll never forget that though. I went home and bought a wakeskate, Tim Kovacich’s transformer board, and never looked back.

F: Is there anyone who has influenced your riding? Who?
KW: Skateboarders that put time into their video part and have had a legitimate interview. Basically anyone holding it down, keeping it real with themselves. Everyone who rides for themselves, not some team manager.

F: So skateboarding means a lot to you?
KW: It is my life but it has done some damage to my figure. I broke my ankle last year and now I’m f***ed. It won’t heal but I’m working on it, about to take a bike trip with my girlfriend down the coast, that will hopefully strengthen it.

F: Are you really going to ride your bicycle around the world?
KW: Maybe one day. For now I’m going to stick to the West Coast.

F: Who or what is the Homeless crew?
KW: Homeless is everywhere. We are just doing our part to let Homelessness breathe. Most of the dudes that filmed for the video were homeless for some period of time while filming for it. Because of all the traveling and no budget to work with we spent a lot of nights under the stars, that’s for sure. Gore is holding it down stronger than all. Funk is the dirty dog. Brandon Rau and JJ are full time. Tim Kov spent 3 or 4 months in the dirt, shed, and warehouse lifestyle. Ben Horan is not scared. Crooked Murph and Fish are homeless; they just have nice things. And I guess I’ll take nomad status; it seems to fit well. If I had any say in it Collin Wright is definitely homeless. Jake Slone shoots photos. That’s probably it, but everyone is homeless in their own way.

F: Do you feel that you and the Homeless Crew is a good influence on kids looking to get involved in wakeskating?
KW: Fuck yeah. Not everyone’s Mommy and Daddy can support them ‘til they’re 30 or until they’re little wakeboard career kicks off. All these spoiled fuckers gotta’ go. We need some raw talent and dedication, not somebody who knows somebody cause his daddy’s got a $90,000 boat and he lives in Orlando. That makes him pro, even though all he does is does an easy grab once a month, so that easy money keeps showing up in the mailbox.

F: I hear there is a lot of footage for the homeless video? Tell us about that!
KW: Yes, two years and counting, ninety some hours of tape. Josh is hard at work in the Dungeon dubbing footage right now, and all I can say is HAMMERS, HAMMERS, and HAMMERS. Ben Horan, Aron Gore, Tim Kovacich, Crooked Murph, Justin Fisher, Brandon Rau, myself, and many others. All winch, it’s gonna be really good. I’m excited.

F: So what have you been doing since the Cali road trip?
KW: I moved back up to Bellingham, WA to spend the summer with my girlfriend in one of the most beautiful places I have been. We have a nice little garden. I have also been scheming’ trying to get La Sewer off the ground. If you don’t know yet we’re stepping up in the world. La Sewer is going to go to print, our first issue will come out at Surf Expo in September. Then next year six issues/every other month, so I have been jamming on that full time trying to get all these boaters to save their money, silly bastards.

F: What do you feel is the biggest waste of time?
KW: There are so many ways to waste time; it is actually a subject that is destroying my nervous system as we speak. I am so fed up with wasting time on bullshit, especially because this world needs so much help. I am going to write a whole article about wasting time if you really care what I think about it go to and read about it there, Alliance doesn’t give us enough room in this interview for me to blabber.

F: Do you think wakeskating is a sport or something else?
K: I think sport is the wrong word. It makes it sound like basketball or some shit. I think it takes a crew of friends and a shared love for what it is we’re doing whether it be skateboarding or whatever. You definitely need more than just yourself to film a video part or get a cover, I think we need to start giving more credit to the people behind the scenes, that’s were it all goes down. So in theory you need to work as a team but the word sport is not for a bunch of Homeless kids with passion. Maybe the dudes all hung on contests call it a sport, but the cops sure don’t when you’re trespassing on private property.

F: Best winch spot to date?
KW: I’ll tell you, well no I won’t, there are too many. Cali is blown out of proportion though, give it a year and kids will be packing up their winch and moving to Cali. California is the best winch spot to date.

F: Should boat companies worry about your winching attack?
KW: Fuck yeah, we’re basically saying if you ride behind the boat you’re wasting your money. I mean really how many times can you do the same trick behind the same boat on the same lake. I think it’s ridiculous. If it weren’t for the winch the sport would not take off to the next level. But I already know they’re worried. I remember when the owner of Nautiques wrote into Alliance bitching about us not wearing vests and drinking. That fool is worried, hopefully he gets to read this! F THE BOAT, NOTHING BUT A GASOLINE FIEND!

F: What’s up with a winch park?
KW: They’re going up everywhere as we speak. A couple years ago, when we were at Alpine Valley Ski Resort in Michigan, I was like, we’ll tell everyone were building one. Even if we don’t they’ll still get turned on by the idea and build their own. It’s one water box at a time; I have built my share of temporary’s though.

F: What do you think about wakeboarders starting to winch a lot more?
KW: Finally! Crooked Murph, J Fish, Cdub, Niker Sweets. The Orlando scene, it’s about time, the Homeless crew is nuts!

F: What grinds your gears?
KW: People who think the only thing in this world is money, how they’re going to get their name in bright lights, which company is going to sponsor them next. Just f***ers with their blinds pulled so far down they cant even see what is going on outside their small-minded, brainwashed, bone-picking, ridiculous lifestyles.

F: Do you ever feel overwhelmed by sponsors or team managers to do something that may not be the best for wakeskating?

KW: I think wakeskating is run by team managers right now, companies are afraid to invest money into their riders. They think if they give all the money to their team manager he’ll be able to put on a good event or program. The problem is he doesn’t even wakeskate, he doesn’t really know anything about wakeskating at all. They need to start trusting the guys doing the riding, when the companies start to put a little trust in their riders and the decisions they want to make for the sport their money and the sport will go much further.

F: How do you like your new wakeskate?
KW: It’s good. I’m stoked to have a board.

F: Wow those shades you are wearing are rad what are they and where can I get
a pair?

KW: Red Eyes!! I don’t think I plugged it enough yet so here you go, and Alliance better let this slide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Magazine will premier at 2007 Surf Expo in Orlando FL.

F: What is LaSewer?

KW: It’s an all-winch website that we’re turning into a mag this year. It’s wakeskate and wakeboard, just all rural photos. Brandon Rau is art and web guy, he’s doing most of the work right now while Josh and I are setting up stories and laying it out.

F: What do you do when your not wakeskating?
KW: Skate, write, read, garden, watch the sunset, live. I don’t know, why don’t you come up here and see for yourself.

F: What makes a good day for you?
KW: Food. Lots of good food- greens, yellows, reds and occasionally some Beans and Rice.

F: Can we get a good recipe for a vegan pizza?
KW: F*** yeah; Make your own dough, 2 cups water and one of those little quick rise yeast packets. Let it chill for 5 min or so then mix in 6 cups flour. Cover it, let it chill ‘til it rises. Roll it out, sauce it up then give it some toppings. My new favorite topping is strawberry, if you like strawberries you’ll never eat pizza again without ’em. Slice ’em up then put soy cheese all over. You should be able to make two pizzas with this recipe so put your eatin’ shoes on.

F: If you could be any animal what would it be?

KW: Tough one, I love birds and I would definitely want to fly. But giraffes have long necks– good for getting fresh fruit and goodies I’m sure. A flying squirrel would be cool, no a pterodactyl, or whatever is the closest animal to a pterodactyl.

F: How has music influenced you and the way you live and ride?
KW: Music? What a stock interview question Funk. I though you had something here then you ask a question about music. Rock, ATDI, BSF, ZEP, JIM, the list goes on, none of that bullshit rap pop, Lil’ Fake shit you know. Real music sounds good, and $ don’t.

F: Do you think that we should start wakeskating in those “croc” shoes?
KW: F*** no.

F: Where do you see wakeskating in the next five years?
KW: All I got to say is 2 years.


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