Photo: Jake Slone

Trick: Acid drop
Location: Yakima, Washington
Date: 2/21/09
Temp: Air / Snowing
Water / Snow melt cold
Winch Driver: Me

It was Kyle’s last day in Washington and my first winter. Noon came around by the time we were both inspired enough to go outside. When we got to the spot we had to kill some time talking to locals and waiting on the workers to clear out.  As they pulled out, Walton and I grabbed the gear, the Winch and ran across the small wooden railroad bridge. We sat the winch up out of sight so no one on the road could see us. Walton put on a couple wet suits on and started walking the rope out, I sat up the cameras without tripods and put rocks around the winch so I could have a free hand. After a couple times of jumping off the pad the wind started kicking up at over 20mph. On the fourth try he stood it up, rode a few feet and popped the handle. When he came over to check the photo I gave him my gloves because his hands had turned blue and where cut from the makeshift handle Walton had sawed and duct tapped together earlier. Minutes later we realized we had 30 minutes to get Walton to his ride to the airport so we packed all the gear back in the truck and got out of there.