July 23rd, 2008 by admin

So its been a long time since I've posted anything on this site. Its not really by choice however,  just havent really havent done  much in a while. In fact, I think its been over a month since I even picked up my camera. This constant rain is partly to blame, but its is also this whole graduating from college and having to get a job thing.  I guess I should of stuck around for another couple years.

Anyway, Im moving onto Lake holden in about 6 days, and I cant wait. Hopefully my wakeskating presence will increase now that im finally on a lake. And on that note, if anyone lives in the area, or just wants to come shred let me know, cause im always down. And ya know, if anyone happens to have a boat or jetski that there looking to put on a lake, I've got the perfect spot for you, hehehe. But seriouslly, if you have one, get over here!!!…..

Also, Kyle Hyams is going to be on the Daily habit tonight, if you didnt already know. (8:30 or 9 orlando time,not sure which one, but im sure you can figure it out). So make sure to set your tivos or mental alarms and show Kyle as well as our sport some support.  I'll hopefully be posting many more useless blogs in the future. Until then, enjoy this pic of Dieter…






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