November 22nd, 2013 by Submitted

The Byerly Boards wakeskate team hits the lake for a skate sesh. Enjoy the shred with George Daniels, Brandon Thomas and Scott Byerly.

Video from Byerly Boards

5 Responses to “Lake Skate”

  1. Spencer Thames Says:

    GD’s toe back one was killer

  2. Yo Says:

    That is the worst music I have ever heard. It made me too mad to finish the video with a clear head.

  3. dood. Says:

    nice! but plz leave the lip tricks back in 2001…

  4. wakeskate Says:

    DOOD. lip tricks is what made wakeskating , i think your a retard and dont know how to ride a wake! Prove me wrong and put a video out of yourself.

  5. Ryan Says:

    BT and the rest of the byerly crew kills it! F these quif bags! Keep it shibby!


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