1. Start out wide away from the wake with enough speed to get you wake to wake.

2. Come in with a progressive edge. Start out easy and gradually get harder and harder until you reach the hardest edge at the wake.

3. Make sure that when you are edging in, you keep equal weight on both feet and hold it until you take off.  Sometimes it is hard to tell when you are doing the riding. Have somebody in the boat watch your knees, if both if your knees are bent the same as each other then you are money.

4. When you take off, make sure and wait until the top off the wake and keep the handle in close.

5. Keep your knees bent right up to your chest(more than you would think). The more they are bent, the more control you will have.

6. After you finish the first 180, throw the shuv out in front of you(more out in front than in the flats). Try and get it to where you are throwing the shuv at the peak of your jump.

7. Keep your knees bent and wait for the board to come around. If you are throwing the board correctly then you shouldn’t have to straighten your legs all the way to catch it.

8. Catch the board with your feet wide(bolts), bend your knees and keep your chest over your toes when you land.

9. Ride away clean…as if there were a better option….

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