By Reed Hansen

The first time I saw this gap I was on my way to a Nike shoot with Matt Manzari. Really, you can’t miss it, since it’s right off the highway. The gap is a scenic fountain in front a business complex, and well, it was just begging to be winched.

About three weeks after we saw it for the first time, we made it happen on the way to Louisiana. For lack of a better name, we’ve been calling it the Lee Vista gap. Since that first time we hit it, we have not been back, so if you go back, do something sick, and you can give it a better name.

To hit it, you have to park in the bank parking lot, about 200 yards down the street, and then walk the winch in. There is a big telephone pole that we hooked our winch up to, which sets you up perfectly in line for the gap. The start up for the gap is about 50 feet (you need somewhat of a powerful winch) and the landing is about 70 feet. We hit it mid day and got busted in about 20 minutes . I bet if you hit it later in the day, you would get a lot further. It was actually not the cops, but old dude with nothing better to do but to yell at some punk kids (Matt Manzari, Ryan Lemons and Myself.) Since we were on the beginning to trip, we didn’t even bother to argue.

As for the gap itself, it is about waist high. The water comes right to the edge and I don’t think that will change. It is a very fast gap and you can get a lot of hits in a short amount of time (especially if you are Michael Phelps).

Not many tricks have gone down on it yet. I did a kickflip down it and Lemons ollied over the wall (on the side there is a spot where you can ollie over the wall, which is about a foot high.) Somebody better get out there and start laying some tricks down before Manzari gets back there, because he will three flip it first try(not sketchy, perfect every time) and then follow that with a backside flip.

Have fun on it and make sure to let me know how it goes.


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