Our blog section has been lagging lately, so i figured I should probably write something. Plus I know you all really care about my life! So here's what's been going on in my world and beyond. 

First off, some of my failure to blog may be related to the fact I relaunched my old site Yobeat.com. It's mostly about snowboarding, but still pretty good, so if you are bored check it out.

This weekend I checked out the Oregon Trifecta, which is a 3-day skate mayhem fest. Since it was over 100 degrees, I really would have preferred to be wakeskating, but my stupid elbow is  not really healing as quickly as I'd like it to. Anyway, check the Trifecta photos and video here.

In the world of wakeskating it's all about heelflips. I've heard unsubstantiated rumors that a lazer heelflip was actually landed this morning, as well as some other nutso heel flip  variations…so let the feeding fenzy begin, because that't all I know.

Tomorrow I am heading to Canada. I got my phone plan changed (if you are coming up I recommend you do the same), cameras charged and I am ready to see what wakeskating looks like in Canada (I am guessing slower and covered in gravy.) Vince is even taking us riding the day before the event, so should be good. If you can't make it to Toronto, check the site. I'll be keeping you up to date with real time results and daily photos and videos as usual.