October 15th, 2010 by alliancewakeskate

Check out this little clip of Matt Hayden stomping a TS W2W 3 shuv.

Check out this little clip of Matt Hayden stomping a TS W2W 3 shuv.

17 Responses to “Matt Hayden TS W2W 3 Shuv”

  1. yes. Says:

    didnt kyle walton do one of these back in the truth?

  2. sTu Says:

    you gotta run that again in slow mo.

  3. clam Says:

    he didnt even land it he let go of the handle to fast!!!!!

  4. legit Says:

    shut up clam! you are just trying to stir shit. you know damn well he landed it!

  5. james Says:

    That was a short rope eh!

  6. Mark Says:

    handy smash

  7. Louis Says:

    Second on the short Rope… and third on the tiny wake. Well caught though…

  8. Matt Hayden Says:

    Alliance, thanks for posting the little clip! Wake is a little small but it’s better than nothing!

  9. James Says:

    what is this youtube?

  10. Shred Says:

    Why is everyone raggin on this, quit hatin. This freakin dope, just be stoked he landed it. Sick 3 shove Matt.

  11. Edgar Says:

    Hayden, So what she/he keeps talking about you and hating on you. What do you think a “Hater’s job is..to hate. If u have someone hating on u right now u better think of how to get 10 more ppl hating by Christmas. You need hates to make you stronger..w/o haters most ppl wouldn’t try to become better. Just tell them “B*tch u just hate me b/c u can’t be me…”

  12. Matt Vermillion Says:

    Sic ! Sic ! So Sic !!! and killer slo-mo footy !!! keep slayin’ it, Bro !!!

  13. Zak Stone Says:

    Here is what I have of Walton doing a TS w2w 3 shuv 1:19 twice 1:24

  15. Zak Stone Says:

    And that was super sick off axes style

  16. Clayton Says:

    Ya Matt! keep killing it!

  17. steve Says:

    hate all u want but that was sick!


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