May 26th, 2011 by Patrick Wieland
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Matt Manzari is back in town and this is what he has been up to lately… Just destroying it on a wakeskate.

Matt Manzari is back in town and this is what he has been up to lately… Just destroying it on a wakeskate.

23 Responses to “Matt Manzari Lately…”

  1. fan Says:

    so hes a bosss. no news of him and he just shredded everyones face. props

  2. clearly Says:

    killing it!

  3. Awake Says:

    Nice wakeskateing, where is remote?

  4. GOAL Says:

    I didn’t know lionel Messi wakeskated…

  5. Berbi Says:

    I feel like I just saw him yesterday. He’s just killin it like no ones business!

  7. baby d Says:

    killing it little brother. Love you. you too pat. footage looks great and the riding is on par. and yes i know that that is a golf term and not a water dancing term. love and miss you all.

  8. bobby Says:

    love that tail back 180…not something you see too often on a skate

  9. 3rdCoast Says:

    crushing it. Great edit, perfect song.

  10. Ge Says:

    I feel like he has a new style and i like it

  11. wakeboard blog Says:

    wow–what a freaking boss! sick song, sweet riding

  12. Greg Jones Says:

    Shredder…but i didn’t know riding with a t shirt is the new cool thing to do…i better get on it so i can stay in styleee

  13. Tyler Says:

    so good!

  14. TheSpangler Says:

    Lotta bangers in there, killing it!

  16. Canuck Says:

    Good god, is Silas pregnant or something?

  17. PJ Says:

    Matt is a dragon slayer and there is no way that is Silas

  19. max Says:

    yeah matt , fun ro watch

  20. GH Says:

    I know where he’s been lately, cutting the bottom off of all his jeans….

  21. Steven Says:

    I would love to hear what Matt’s wife thinks about this new look of his… Man talk about night and day! At least his wakeskating is the same- if not better!

    That inside-out 360 flip was the meanest I’ve ever seen. Looked like he knew it was bad-ass when he landed it too!

    Way to go brother! You can stop wakeskating and get a haircut now!

  22. dood. Says:

    awesome riding matt- nice pw. killer footege, edit and song. perfection.
    bring the word brother matt, bring the word.

    ps. i think the reason matt’s inside-out tricks were so larrrge was because husky silas was at the helm of the ‘doo

  23. max Says:

    killing the game . yeah matt


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