Photo: Bryan Soderlind
Trick: boardslide front big 270 off
Date: Early December 2009
Location: Lake Holden

This photo came from a high noon rail set on Lake Holden with BT, Dieter, and George Daniels.  Everyone got some good shots and as usual, BT was stomping his usual bag of tricks. A strobe helped light him up and make the usual crappy light at noon look a little different.  It was the weekend so people were out on their boats in full force and it was tough to get a run at the rail without a lot of chop.  BT is riding his new board really well and he didn’t fall but like once or twice on that day if I remember right. Good times.

Tech Specs:

500 shutter spead @ F5.6 with a circular polarizer and a warming filter on Fuji Velvia