Photo: Jason Hudson

Location: Round Rock, TX
Trick: Backside 180
Date: November 3, 2009 5:00 pm
air temp: 75 degrees
water temp: 65 degrees
Driver: Rob Mendieta using an URBAN RIDER winch

We had been winching this spot on Brushy Creek for the first time, breaking in a new winch provided by Urban Rider. The light was a little too high at first but as it set behind the trees it lent a nice color to the changing leaves. We had a bunch of great riders out there that day throwing some really nice tricks. Bret had been going for this BS 180 and making it look really clean, so I waded out downstream and shot into the light, and it came out perfect. A little history note, Brushy Creek was the sight of the first baptism for western travelers in the 1800’s, as it was also the first baptism in breaking in our brand new winch. Thanks Urban Rider!!

Tech specs: ISO 400 F/5.6 1/800″