December 28th, 2009 by alliancewakeskate


Photo: Adam Aslanian
Date: December 2009
Location: Lake Holden
Trick: Wake-to-Wake Frontside Flip

For weeks I had been watching Dieter stomp wake-to- wake frontside flips from the boat. They were absolutely massive and I couldn’t wait for the opportunity to capture one on film.  On this day I was actually trying to get a good sequence of the maneuver. So I jumped in the water, risking my camera’s well being, in an attempt to showcase just how big he was really throwing them. While I didn’t quite succeed at getting the sequence I wanted, I did come out with this good single frame of the trick.

9 Responses to “Monday Cover: Dieter Humpsch”

  1. ROO Says:

    Best cover shot I’ve seen yet hands down good job guys!

  2. James Says:

    WOW!! Such a good shot and trick ya ADAM!

  3. Sawyer Davis Says:

    that $hit is money

  4. Frye Says:

    yea dieter best one yet

  5. Grasso Says:

    Sick Diets, keep up the good work.. and same to you adam.. good roomy teamwork !!

  6. Burt Says:

    SO sick!

  7. BILLY Says:

    he brought the thickness!

  8. dirtnasty Says:


  9. sk82destroy Says:

    thats so huge!!!


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