December 14th, 2009 by alliancewakeskate


Photo: Ej Peterson

Location: The Projects FL
Trick: FS flip
Date: November 15 2009

After about 3 weeks of clouds and rain, Keaton and I finally got a chance to shoot. We only had one time to shoot though, due to our busy schedules, and only for a limited amount of time at that. So the choice of pull was the convenient s2. Keaton took a few warm up runs and then the shooting began. I was blown away by Keaton’s riding — bigspins off the rails and in the flats, kickflips, and v flips everywhere. He was stomping tricks left and right like it was nothing. Then he busted out a front board to tail slap on the incline. The trick was new to me and I like where it could take rail riding. Right after the tail slap he cut back out immediately and did this frontside flip  For this shot I was neck deep in projects water and weeds. There were a few close calls where the camera almost went for a swim, but we made it okay.

Thanks for driving Kirby!
ISO 220
1/500 sec f/ 7.1

9 Responses to “Monday Cover: Keaton Bowlby”

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  4. MikeG Says:

    sick shot!!!! i love it

  5. JDanger Says:

    Yeah Charley! Is this cover #4? hot damn.

  6. Brad Arnold Says:

    Yeah Kee!!!

  7. Liam Berti Says:

    Awesome, awesome shot all around!!

  8. DAD Says:

    shred it my boy !!!!!!


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