Date: Oct 16, 2009
Trick: Front board
Location: the Projects System 2.0

It can be pretty hard to shoot wakeskating photos at 8:59 PM, especially ones that look cool. I wanted to get something different of the guys hitting the 6.0 rails at the Projects Wake Park for the Halloween shoot, rather than just a regular action shot of a rider blasted with a flash at night. To get this I just used a one-second exposure. The work lights set up on the “media barge” next to the rail provided enough light for the   trick or treaters to get their goove on, but not enough for a still camera to freeze the action. So by having the camera’s shutter open for one second you get the blur of the rider, and then, the flash pop in the middle freezes an instant of the action. Thanks to Mr. EJ Peterson for triggering the strobe for me. And thanks to Keaton for wearing red and white stripes so the streak looks a little cooler. Who wants candy?

Tech specs:
Camera: Canon EOS 1D MarkII N
Lens: Canon 15mm fisheye
Shutter: 1 sec.
Aperture: f10
Flash: AlienBees B800 flash unit