September 28th, 2009 by alliancewakeskate


Photographer: Roman Rusinov
September 11, 2009
Date: Board: Arson
Pull: Marcus Knox
Lake: Down

We were doing Arson team shots at Marcus’s place. Nick went first I think in this shot he literally touched front glass with his board right after I released the shutter. Then I fell from tube and damaged my water housing somehow, so half of the bag was filled up with water. The camera died instantly. It was buried in rice for 3 days and now everything works and I was able to upload shots with no problem. Never turn anything on when it gets wet! I never got to shoot Marcus that day, but still had good number of bangers. Enjoy.

10 Responses to “Monday Cover: Nick Dauzat”

  1. Mitchell Cobb Says:

    Yeah Nick!

    Roman thats sucks man! Glad your camera is working.

    That new graphic looks ill. Can’t wait to see what Arson brings to the table.

  2. rGetter Says:

    nice grab Roman.

  3. rGetter Says:

    New graphic done by our very own, the Scoville family.

  4. Roman Rusinov Says:

    Thanks for comments guys!

  5. walaka Says:


  6. MikeG Says:

    awesome shot!!!

  7. bryan Says:

    i got one of those bags too…kinda of a pain! …super good shot

  8. zip Says:

    mmmm slimey sidewall

  9. WOW Says:

    Dizzzzz Ohpe

  10. Lissette Arias Says:

    Sweet shot Roman! Always greatness!!! :)


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