Photo by Chris Moore

Date – September 10, 2009
Location – Dunwoody, Georgia
Trick – Shuv Underbridge Gap
Driver – Slayden Johnson
Temp – 85

The location was what made this shot.  I showed up after Russell and Slayden had already found the gap, courtesy of Google Earth.  They had built a small dam to make the landing bigger and stacked a few stones in the tunnel to help the ollie and thats about it.  I took a few shots from straight on and started moving around.  I was actually in the tunnel with Russell to get the shot.

Luckily we had no bad run ins at this spot.  Just one older lady asking if we were dumping trash in the creek, “Nope, just waterskiing.” Funny thing was it didn’t amaze her.  Just a simple, “Alright, well have fun.”