June 6th, 2013 by Alliancewake.com Spencer Norris

The wakeskate finals of the Monster Energy Triple Crown at BSR

7 Responses to “Monster Energy Triple Crown Wakeskate Finals: BSR”

  1. Marcus Knox Says:

    Just so everybody is clear my line was not the one depicted. I did a front big heel down the drop, to laser flip, to kickflip. I did a varial heelflip down the drop the time I did the line depicted in the flats, the kickflip to front big heel. I definitely did not do two front big heels in one line.

  2. Yup Says:

    That would be hard to judge, because from a technical side Marcus definitely had the others beat. But, based off the way wakeskating should look I think Nick, Austin, and Aaron should have been on the podium.

  3. wow Says:

    Spencer, stop messing with peoples lines. First Reed’s trick at toe jam, and now this.

    YUP – Marcus nailed laser flips and front big heels, nobody else was throwing those technical tricks, he catches the front big heel perfect at :56. Awesome job Marcus. Keep killing it.

  4. Jake Ramsdell Says:

    tie between marcus and austin. Wish the edit would have shown the actual lines..

  5. Knoxer Says:

    Marcus rocks my Knox! Frontflipindydirtyhippiejump to blind was the jizz

  6. Brad Arnold Says:

    Please stop posting false lines. You certainly would not publish a photo of a trick that was not stomped (or maybe I am wrong), so why post video of lines that did not happen?

  7. wow Says:

    They would post a photo of things not landed..


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