If you’re new (or newer) to wakeskating, you may not recognize the name Myles Vickers, so it’s time you learn. An original member of the Cassette Team, Myles brought a snowboarder’s sensibility to wakeskating at a time when it was trying to figure out what it was going to be. His quirkiness alone helped set wakeskating apart from wakeboarding in the early days. Sure, he didn’t have the talent of Thomas Horrell, but he was always down to be the guinea pig. Myles would try anything and say anything, and was hands down the most fun person to be on the water with. His style of doing things would not be mistaken with anyone else. Whether he was riding all the way across the lake, or approaching the party from blocks away, you always knew it was Myles.

Injuries and bad luck can really be blamed for Myles’s seeming disappearance from the wakeskate world, but he is still making it happen in Lake Tahoe, pursuing new interests, and being generally awesome. We figured it was time to check back in and see what he had to say for himself. And to make it more fun, we got questions from people from his past and wakeskating’s present.

David Hanson asks: Do you still wakeskate?
MV: For sure, love it May through October.

David: Who’s your favorite new wakeskater?
MV: Danny Hampson. I would consider him new since he broke his neck and having to recover from that. That made him new to walking, not to mention wakeskating.

Bret Little asks: Where have you been all these years?
MV: Truckee, CA. 4 seasons a year.

Bret: How do you feel about the current state of wakeskating?
MV: It’s ok. I wish Cassette could be more involved.

Oury Yarbrough asks: Has the evolution of wakeskating gone the way you pictured in the past?
MV: The guys skating are doing a good job. I would like it if board shops could recognize that wakeskating is going to be the most progressive boardsport for the next 5 years, and start carrying boards and product. Again, I wish Cassette could be in the picture.

Brandon Rau asks: Since you were doing wake-to-wake bigspins back in the days of Hotdoggin’, why would you let the kids of today ruin the sport with late front bigs calling them regular front bigs?

MV: It’s not what you call it, it is what it is.

Rau: Does your newly acquired beer belly get in the way of your wakeskating?
MV: No, I haven’t walked in 3 months and I don’t have a beer belly. I guess fall, winter, and ongoing injuries can get in the way of wakeskating. You gotta have refreshments on the boat.

Rau: What do you feel you’ve contributed to wakeskating?
MV: I drove around the nation doing demos for 3 years. I’ve done a few things with fins and what’s possible with them. I am still taking new people out showing them wakeskating. I was making tow able funboxes in the past. Finding spots for the winch, contributed the white handrail for the Toe Jam. I sold my winch to a guy Joe so he could host comps in the Sacramento area. Giving people boards or shoes clothes anything to keep ‘em psyched on wakeskating. And sure, wake-to-wake bigspins.

Ben Horan asks: What was it like to ride alongside Thomas Horrell?
MV: Amazing .Thomas was always on another level, three steps ahead of the game. He was the game.

Ben: Why do you think it has taken people so long to start riding like him?

MV: Progress, The more people get involved the more progress goes down. Nice work Ben.

Reed Hansen asks: What do you consider your role in the wakeskate industry?
MV: Washed up before I was a has been. No, I promoted it for years and I still do just not in the Orlando area. I think that’s pretty well taken care of. Been injured lately so I picked up a waterhousing for my camera. Wanna shoot some photos? I got spots.

Keaton Bowbly asks: Do you want to go snowboarding with me?
MV: I would really like too, but I can’t this year — severed Achilles tendon. Got to be healthy for this summer so we can shred.

Kyle Hyams asks: What was your inspiration behind the wardrobe you used to purchase at Magic Mall?
MV: C-Murder DVD, Caliope, Magnolia, Malpamine Projects. CP3 That Caliope.

Andrew Pastura asks: The Mayans predict 2012 is the end of the world. What are your thoughts?
MV: Wouldn’t that be shitty.

Chase Gregory asks: From being at the Pro Tour and throwing beer on my face, do you still think I ruined the sport?
MV: You still have shitty style and I don’t know what you bring to the table of wakeskating.

Chase: Will you watch my part when the Sattelyte video comes out?
MV: Next Question.

Nick Taylor asks: How has your hair stayed that blond this whole time?
MV: Tanning beds and Tecates.

Nick: If you could tell all the kids out there wakeskating “cut that shit out” about something, what would it be?
MV: I remember riding with Thomas and just thinking what I’m capable of is just a waste of time, why get in the way cause what he’s doing is just so much better. So “cut that shit out” and give it what you got. Just believe in yourself. Oh wakeskating.com quit, typing and start doing.

Silas Thurman asks: Was it all worth it if you had to do it again?
MV: Back then it was all for today, ages 19-22. Maybe I should have done it for tomorrow and believed in myself. Would I do it again? I’d do it again in a heartbeat. I wanna be rollin with you and Aaron Grace this year, making shit happen.

Thomas Horrell asks: What is your favorite jam on the wake mix?
MV: Can I put Kraftwerk “Trans Europe Express” on the Wake Mix.

Tony Smith asks: Tell us about your third nipple…
MV: Happy Birthday Tony. It’s still there.

Ross Gardner asks: What was it like to lose to Dallas in that wakeboard contest?

MV: Upset stomach. Chicken Wings, pitchers, tall cans of illers, all added up.

Ross: What’s your favorite moment from traveling with the Cassette team?
MV: I can’t pinpoint one. DST, Northwest, Northeast, Coast-to-Coast, Hamburger Hill 1, Hamburger Hill 2, MIA, 4th of July’s, UK. It was all so fun. And I had a great time chillin’ in Pensacola with your crew.

James Balzer asks: Do you think body varials are cool?
MV: Whatever, I guess you have to use ‘em at some point.

James: If you could change all the water on earth into land and all the land into water, would you do it?
MV: I couldn’t see myself doing that.

James: Which out of all your friends has the most out of proportion Body? And why?
MV: Maybe my buddy Gremlin. Here’s a picture.

Jim Leatherman asks: What is your most Memorable Birthday Experience?
MV: I hope it’s this year the big 27. Really, where did all the years go?

Jim: What about on old tours with Thomas and I. Did you enjoy getting lit on fire on the Old LF bus DST Tour?
MV: Loved it we lit it up Don’s the man, great times. Put butter on it.

Jim: Tell us about the Lake Maitland cave man drop.
MV: We were always looking for spots then we found the tunnel and I saw that could be an option and it looked like fun.

Jim: Tell us about “Down the 12-pack across the lake.”
MV: One of the toughest 12 packs we ever put down. You know the carbonation doesn’t settle too well once your submerged.

Jim: What are your photography interests for the future?
MV: Thank you for bringing that up Jim. I’m always working on projects and asking Letchworth for advice. Trying to pick up accessories when I can. I would like to get more involved with the Industry, and start submitting. Talkin’ with you and Grace, see what we can do in the near future. If you need some coverage let me know I got spots, ideas and time!


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