Our new Wakeskate is the result of 9 years of making wakeskates and reflects our passion for the sport and keeps with our philosophy of performance and durability.  Whether you are at the lake going wake to wake and hitting sliders or winching at some underground urban spots this is the board that fits the bill. 

We start with a vertically laminated hardwood core that makes for the most solid feeling board under foot and unmatched durability.  Wrap that with our custom layered and stitched fiberglass and some carbon fiber and you get almost magic! Combine that with our new patent pending micro channel technology that keeps the board tracking straight without the need for fins and you have a board that is unmatched in the industry. 

Our Wakeskates have a modified 3 stage rocker line that provides speed and unreal pop for the biggest Ollies.  The re-shapeable sidewalls allow you to tune the ride to your liking and our aggressive concave and kick tails give your feet the traction they need.  This allows you to go out and push your riding to the next level and not worry whether your board will hold up.