Photo: Roland Lugo

Date: September 2008

Location: Zellwood

Trick: Frontside Noseslide

My friend Nick Dauzat is a skateboarder at heart and his roots lay within the foundations of lock-in mastery. Soon following Surf Expo, I gave Nick a pair of recently acquired Oak Udders for some lock-in fun. I was surprised to see how hastily Nick defaced his board to make holes for his new orange buddies. Our first voyage with the udders was to Tony’s house in Zellwood to shred the infamous flat bar that stood triumphantly in a ditch. Being the first person to ever hit this rail was quite an honor to Nick and so disappointment was not an option. As night fell and the sky got darker Nick just shredded harder. His first 2 tricks were a perfect back nose right into a legit front nose. Back to back and first try each. Please kids I urge you, go out and put your nugs to good use like Nick does. If we all do, the world would be a better place.