April 12th, 2012 by Josh McWilliams

Catch up with Nick Taylor and get the inside story on his switch to Remote Wakeskates.

22 Responses to “Exclusive: Nick Taylor Interview”

  1. so good Says:

    Dang Nick T! Where was the pole for that massive hippie jump! Nice vid, great jam.

  2. mange Says:

    maybe now Remote can finally pay thier sales reps. They get no respect from me untill they do.

  3. ooooo Says:


  4. Remote Says:

    Remote has never had an issue with their sales reps. Mange if you know something we don’t maybe you should contact Remote directly. As for our reps we have had nothing but good things. Great video guys.

  5. Remote Says:

    Mange, please let me know who it is and I’ll pay them today personally if what you say is true.



  6. Corey Marotta Says:

    Nope nope Mr. oooooo, you just got BURNED.

  7. the other luke Says:

    FUCK YEAH SILAS!!! suck on that, Mange! kick ass viseo, i’m so pumped to see one of the top riders ride for the top team

  8. zshizzle Says:

    That was a nollie you dumb fuck not a hippie jump

  9. bill Says:

    How was that a nollie?

  10. BB Says:

    Woot! Go nick!

  11. So good Says:

    Zshizzle is obviously stoned out of his mind…a nollie would require the board to leave the water, although I’m sure when Z skates his “nollies” never leave the ground, in which case I stand corrected.

  12. Zachary Cavaretta Says:

    watch againthe board leaves the water ;)


  13. Bill Says:

    nollie hippie jump

  14. So good Says:

    Nick would never call that trick a Nollie. He is too much of a perfectionist. When the board goes 3 inches high and his feet go 3 feet, he’s not going for a “Nollie.”

  17. rightsaidfred Says:

    Nollie or hippy jump, it was pretty sweet. I can see why this guy is a top wake skater. mind = blown! wow!

  18. ahh Says:

    im in love with nick taylor.

  19. j hill Says:

    he did the hippie jump bc the boards are so heavy

  20. Ian Walton Says:

    Hahahaha I love that in a conversation of Nick doing a nollie or a hippie jump the laws of physics or whatever magical forces that control this recreational hydroplaning activity never come into play. Trolls get over yourselves! Communicate in the name of connection and progression. Or continue as you please, affect me one way or another it does not.

  21. Ian Walton Says:

    Gotta love the internet. Bless all you beautiful souls. Glide on.

  22. Steven Says:

    I think it’s hilarious how some wakeskaters think that a nollie is possible on a wakeskate. You can throw a surface shuv off the nose of the board but you cannot nollie. It is physically impossible riding on water.

    Watch the way the board comes up in the air. It’s a hippie jump- you jump off your front foot so the board doesn’t come with you up into the air.


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