Photo Adam Aslanian

Date: 12/?/08

Location: Anna Marie Island

Trick: Back Tail

Temp: Brisk

I took a trip to Nick’s house one weekend, to try and get some shots of the elusive shredder in action. We started with some beach winchin, which while being very fun, turned out to be a bust for photos as it was high noon and the sun was not in a friendly position. Next, Nick informed me of a little rail park he had setup in a lagoon, that was about a 10 min. ski ride away. I thought to myself “3 dudes on a ski, sweeet!”

Once we got there I was super stoked. The lagoon was only about 3ft. deep all the way around, which meant I could stand anywhere. Being between the rider and the ski is an angle I always strive to capture when I get the chance. While it’s kinda dangerous for obvious reasons such as decapitation, or taking a board to the face, it’s definitely worth it. Also, seeing as it took us forever to get out there (because we were on island time of course), the sun was in the perfect spot in the sky.

Nick took a bunch of hits at this flat rail, and did about every locked in grind you can think of. He even did some I had never seen before *cough* FunBoots *cough*. I got a bunch of good shots from the set, and this was one of my favorites. Thanks to Nick for giving me a taste of the island life.