September 12th, 2011 by alliancewakeskate

The level of wakeskating in this video is going to blow your mind…

Video by: Dieter Humpsch

72 Responses to “Noisia Vision Trailer”

  2. sprocket america Says:

    HOLY FLYIN SMOKE A-ROLE-IE……WOW diet’s…..get tease cant wait to see this flick….

  3. ride Says:

    and there it is

  6. Michael Anderson Says:

    Oh Kallas… nick… grant… just everyone. completely shredding. Cant wait for this to be released

  7. Jean Bon Says:

    DAMN!!! so much steeze in there!!! cant wait to see the whole thing!!! Amazing!

  8. J.B. O'Neill Says:

    i used to think wakeskating was boring to watch. finally someone learned how to film it!

  9. Aaron Tuerk Says:

    time to go ride ….

  10. Chenoa Copeland Says:


  11. Goobsauce Says:

    Sick Titties!!!

  12. Chase Daniel Leonard Says:

    sickkkkk vidddd deits! looks even better on my big tv!

  14. Reed Hansen Says:

    Yeah Dieter!!! Trailer is insane! I cant wait for the finished product…

  15. Wow Says:

    Dieter you’re insane! Great job. Can’t wait to see the full length!

    JB Oneill on the other hand, you’re an ignorant moron. A wakeskate video just won video of the year. There’s a lot of people out there that can film a wakeskate video without helichoppers and mastercraft x-stars.

  16. Yeti Says:

    Way to gooo!!! :)

  17. Midwest Says:

    super exited to see this video. great work guys!

  18. john Says:

    will never watch wakeboarding again

  20. alijabosdotcom Says:

    So many sick shots. Props.

  21. Kyle Says:

    Remote controlled helicopters*

    So sick Diets, can’t wait to see the full length!

  23. Larsen Says:

    this gave me wood! ridiculawesome!

  24. Marc Mustard Says:

    Song is from the ninja tunes box set its called fools rhythm by two fingers. Great song for an epic trailer like this.

  25. Bill Braskey Says:

    Make em’ sayyyy —–Uhhhhh Na na Na na!
    Hell yea~

  26. mobydick! Says:

    duuuude props, so next level!!!!

  27. vik Says:


  30. blake Says:

    finally some wakeskating worth watching!

  31. Josh Robinson Says:

    So, so, so, soooo sick. Diets killed it, can’t wait for the full length.

  32. BobCat Says:

    Sick teaser!!! Can’t wait for the real deal!

  33. Trevor Hansen Says:

    That was siiiick!!!! I literally almost puked at the big flip, then i did at the w2w k flip.

    Cleaning up puke right now…

  34. Reeder Says:

    sooo sick bru!

  35. Justin Castles Says:

    That was freakin awesome!!! I’d preorder it right now if I could!!! Would pay extra for Blueray too!

  36. Kazboores Says:

    So far past anything that is out right now. Good work Dieter, amazing work out of you.

    On another note, the level of riding is unbelievable… Reed, Diets, Kallas… soooo sick. Weird how easy those tricks looked…

  37. bradey Says:

    Holy crap offically coolers then wakeboarding! dieter with a GRAPE flip are you kidding me!

  38. Tyler Says:

    I watched this so many times. I can’t wait!

  39. yea Says:

    Noisia Vision -39 comments

    Beni Horan – no comments


  42. Kim Yong Il Says:

    fuxxin siccccccccck~

  43. Walter Flapper Says:

    Nice vid! Why is it called Noisia?

  44. Kevin Dry Says:

    DIETS YOU THE MAN… proud of you bru!!!

  45. cole Says:

    makes me want to burn every sec of footy i got and restart…

  46. coreymarotta Says:

    Well done BRU!

  47. Flap Says:

    Diets…. the legend! You go boy!

  48. John Tyler Says:

    after I saw this, I burned my wakeboard. F-straps

  49. boboy borras Says:

    its amazing so sick i love it wake skate wake boarding for the guy only…….

  51. dood. Says:

    jeepers! thats some amazing skatin, filimin, and editin right there. way to go diets and crew- pure awesomeness!

  52. Kanye West Says:

    I have watched this so many times that i now have dance moves made up for when the bangers roll by…

  53. Adam Fields Says:

    Wow guys!! Keep up the hard work. That was amazing!

  54. DPC Says:

    Straight Dope Silly Wack Steezy!!!

    Well done gents!

  55. Gijs Says:

    Name is not very original Noisia is big D&B collective and Vision is their label, nice waking doh

  56. Jeremy Higs Says:

    Why wasn’t Chris Kallas at Toe Jam? He would have killed it.

  57. triplethreat Says:

    any release dates tentative?

  58. Jeff Aitken Says:

    Amazing – Well done Dieter!

  59. allan Says:

    is embedding not allowed for other sites?

  60. Midwest Says:

    I have watched this 5 times today.

  61. Flavissima Pichler Says:

    absolutely insane, yeah keep up with the hard work, this video is amazing well done!

  62. Bobby Says:

    this is some of the most progressive wakeskating ive ever seen…

  63. Chris Poon Says:

    best wakeskate vid i’ve seen and it’s a teaser………. eagerly awaiting the final product

  64. GOD Says:

    I just killed wakeboarding..

  65. Logan West Says:

    ^Yes haha. Love the Edit and what board it Diets riding?

  66. Adidas Soccer Says:

    We were so stoked on this edit we jacked the song for our commercials.

  67. Mike Montgomery Says:

    Between the tricks and the editing/camera work… Mind Blowing. Ya Dieter

  68. Korina Smyrek Says:


  70. Rachel Maffet Says:

    I never paid much attention to wakeskate until this trailer, which I’ve watched over and over and over… going out to sell my wakeboard and buy a wakeskate now…

  71. bro Says:

    heard this song at a bassnector concert. CRAZY!!!!!


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