May 30th, 2008 by admin

Not much to report from the WA INT. Green Lake was fun to ride on. It was nice to be out of the mocha lake (Koppert) and a larger one. Seattle weather was perfect and there was quite a crowd for the first event. Very little to no support or interest in us wakeskaters though…

Sean Cebbell and I were the only two riders in an Open Division for wake skate so we had to duke it out.  (There were two other riders in a beginner division but I didn’t see anything go down. Except for one of them fell getting started.)

I rode first and warmed things up with a back shuv, front lip 270 shuv off, w2w, crashed on a toe side w2w, crashed on a w2w 180, pulled some more water break dancing maneuvers and missed my 3 shuv..
Sean, came out of the gate front lip to backside 270 spin off, back shuv,  (then I couldn't see him..) On his way back he fell on his w2w 180 but stuck the 3 shove.. And ended up with enough style to put him in first.

Sean took first and I nailed last.. Or second.

We had a good time and I think put up a good showing for wakeskating We will continue to go out there and throw it down.

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