I personally like this trick because it’s like doing a boardslide to fakie. It’s a more relaxed trick. You basically just let go with your front hand and fall off instead of trying to force it. So here goes:

Frame 1

Edge at the rail a little bit different than a regular backside boardslide. Start a little bit further away. You want to ollie like you would to a boardslide to fakie—light light ollie and let go with your front hand as you are olling.to lock into a good solid noseslide.

Frame 2

For this trick, locking into the noseslide is a bit easier. When you let go with your front hand both fins lock into the rail.

Frame 3

Now put 90 percent of your weight on your front foot and 10 percent on your back. Your backfoot is guiding this trick around.

Frame 4

Start thinking about going to fakie by starting to stand up and pull on your back hand.

Frame 5

Push down a little bit with your front foot and pull with your back hand to pop you to fakie.

Frame 6

Spot your landing and make sure you are getting ready to land on your heels. When you pull your arm forward it will pull your body around with it.

Frame 7

Keep your weight on you heels and get ready to ride it out.

Frame 8

Bend your knees to hold on to the landing and stay on top of you board.

Frame 9

Get ready to ride away clean.

Closing thoughs: Just make sure that you don’t edge too much because then you won’t lock into a noseslide, but if you don’t edge enough you wont get into the noseslide at all. Remember 90/10 weight balance to keep your tail up and you’ll be good to go!


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