The winner has officially been named in our Oak Pool Deck Giveaway. Entries came from around the world, literally: Germany, Hungary, South Africa, etc., and people's reasons for wanting the board succeeded in entertaining us, but not swaying the random outcome. We literally put everyone's name in a bag and picked one. So congratulations to James Brown of Baton Rouge, LA — you have a signed Oak Pool Deck headed your direction!

Because we're nice, we also picked two runners-up who will receive some Oak Udders for their lock in enjoyment. Udders are on their way to Kalen Kolpek of Tampa, FL and Nathan Legiehn of Thornhill, ONT. Thanks to everyone who entered and be sure to check back, we'll have another giveaway starting soon on Alliance Wakeskate.

In the meantime, here are some of our favorite reasons why people wanted an Oak Pool Deck:

-I think that I should have this deck because unlike most kids who would hang it on their wall, I would represent and share the stoke by shredding this stick like it was the year of my birth (1986).  Seriously though I have watch the ART of wakeskating grow since I started in 2000, and I would be honored to own a piece of wakeskating history, I could punch myself for letting go of my old cassette years ago before they were no more. – Randall Lockhart

-I want this board cause it looks so bitchin. You should send to me cause I actually know who were Santa Cruz riders in 86-87. -Jesse Creech

-I think i should get the oak pool deck cause on August 7th (my birthday) I broke me femur in half wakeskating on lake minnihaha and spent the next two nights in the hospital with a new titanium rod in my leg. Been doing rehab for a while and excited to get back on the water and it would be tight to get a signed board from the Oak Team! — Josh Zentmeyer

-I’m 21 years originally from Iowa where I lived on the lake during summertime. I moved down to Florida a few years back to go to school at the Flo So Co, (Florida Southern College) and to shred the wake all year long, when I moved down, wide eyed, in awe of the huge wake seen, I was only a wakeboarder but picked up a wakeskate down here and that quickly became my weapon of choice! I started a hobby of wake photography and with the aid of some classes and a few pro friends I was able to get some photos published. Going to all the contests, release parties, and riding everyday has been a great chapter of my life and brought many great memories I will not soon forget. As I will now be soon moving on after school to be a corporate sell-out and work what my father refers to as a "real job". This stick would be a prestigious piece of art to hang on my wall and always remind me of the great times the sport has brought me.– Kris Kneen

I want that. And I know Keaton Bowlby. I just namedropped.-Brad Arnold

Because I drew a sweet picture of Scott Byerly in art class– Jason Pav (see actual picture in the gallery)

-I want the deck because I have a mustash like ben horan.- Chris Hau

-I need the oak pool deck because…. oak pool deck is my middle name…. Alex Oak Pool Deck Galazka, and i am lacking one…. and it just doesnt seem right.  – Alex Galazaka

-To make everyone think it was rigged.- Brandon Rau

 -Alright, I need this pool deck for 3 reasons…..
1. I just picked up a fresh 6/5/4 hooded suit
2. My winch is sitting here waiting to feel some old school
3. Winter's coming in Canada which means Snow, cold water and empty beaches waiting to be winched like carazay!!!– Jordan Brown

-OMG im like totally facebook friends with Matt Hooker AND Josh Kirby!!!!haha just jokin around but seriously.. a signed oak pool deck would be pretty cool. – Tom Bailey

-I think I should win this deck. Cause even though I wasn't even born when that shape was popular in skateboarding. So I should get to experience the thrill of riding that little piece of skateboard history. The graphic is really killer too and it would look very HOTT next to my other Oak Horan. Also I bought an Oak so I supported the company and I love the board. So yeah I should get the board also cause I don't ride year around and I have more time to read you articles and just stare at this board year around!– Tyler Vaneck  

-I want this deck because I would shred it till my pants fall off (very hard) and thoroughly enjoy it.- Adam Lewis