Here is how everything worked out today in the battle for the Championship. Top two advance.

Heat 1:
1. Reed Hansen
2. Danny Hampson
3.Nick Taylor
4.David Roehm
5.Josh Z.

Heat 2:
1. Travis Doran
2. Andrew Pastura
4.Blake Steele
5. Oury Yarbrough

Heat 3:
1. Matt Davidson
2. Yan Lecomte
3. Clint Tompkins
4. Stefan Schriewer
5. Josh Norman

Heat 4:
1. Ben Horan
2. Stuart Shinn
3. Collin Gee
4. Silas Thurman
5. John

Heat 5:
1. Grant Roberts
2. James Balzer
3. Bret Little
4. Keaton Bowlby
5. Zach Rode

Here are the heats for tomorrows final. Their will be two five man heats with the top two in each heat moving onto a final showdown to fight for the coveted crown of “Obscura Champion”. The action starts at 3pm and will run until 6pm so make sure to come out and check it out.

Heat 1:
Andrew Pastura
Ben Horan
Matt Davidson
Grant Roberts
Travis Doran

Heat 2:
James Balzer
Reed Hansen
Danny Hampson
Stuart Shinn
Yan Lecomte