by Josh Kirby

Last time we hit Pine Creek, seven of us hit it and five of us got hurt. One of the five broke his wrist (yeah Shawn). About three years ago I was taking Adam A. to his car after a night of not partying, I saw some water falling in the distance and nearly freaked Adam out with my excitement. Shortly after, Ben Caruso and I started hitting the spot that is Pine Creek.

Pine Creek is a drainage ditch from one of the canals in the UCF area, about a _ mile walk with a winch to the spot. To even turn pine creek into a gap one must pull away a barrier that blocks the top of the drop off. In order to do such one must wade in garbage water containing old meat wrappers and other gross things the fishers pollute the gap with. After that, the rider must clear away the numerous boulders that occupy the landing area. Due to this barrier there are two, 3 1/2 foot poles the rider must thread through right before hitting the gap.

Once you get past all of the set up the shredding begins. One of the great parts about Pine Creek is that it is never the same gap. And the rope-walk from the spot is short and easy. Depending on the rain situation, the drop off can be anywhere from one to three feet. One time B.C. even ollied up the gap. Unfortunately, if the water level is too low in the bottom pool, the spot is unhittable due the cement under the landing area.

Pine Creek is a great spot to chill and hit all day with bros due to that the bust factor is 0 (so far). It is also great for polishing up on your winch tricks before taking them to the big boy spots. It was the first gap that Nick and I ever k-flipped down, first for B.C. to switch 180, and first for Grasso to ever hit. Get some!

For the past few months I have believed that winching in Orlando is dead, but recent events have lead me to think otherwise. Spots in Orlando still exist and Pine Creek is one of them. If you winch it please respect it, don’t trash your winch spots. Keep these spots alive for all riders. After writing this article Grasso and I have came to the conclusion that… Mikey T is awesome!


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