The pop shuv it is probably one of the first tricks you will ever learn on a wakeskate. Once you get that thrill of the board leaving your feet and then reconnecting with them, you’ll have the bug and it’s only a matter of time before you’ll be big spinning, kickflipping etc. Here are the basics of the pop shuv it.

Frame 1

Edge out into the flats, keeping your knees bent, and then flatten off.

Frame 2

You want to keep the handle held in throughout the trick so that you don’t loose it or get pulled forwards off of your board.

Frame 3

Immediately after you flatten off, scoop your back foot down and backwards and use your front foot to guide the board forward.

Frame 4

Make sure to lift your legs so that the board can pop upwards.

Frame 5

After the board has spun 180 degrees catch it with your feet.

Frame 6

Make sure to keep them spread apart and your knees bent so that you can absorb the landing and not bounce off of your board.

Frame 7

WOOOOHOOO you did a pop shuv!!!!


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