Age: 26
Height: 5′ 5″ ish
Weight: 150ish lbs
Hometown: Maitland, FL
Home Lake: Lake Minnehaha


Board: Obscura Danny Hampson 40.5 Concave
Shoes: a fresh pair of Munition CT Mesh from DVS
Shorts: Dunkelvolk boardshorts… lately it’s been either the Arabic or Adam Fields Edition
Vest: Liquid Force Cardigan… it makes me look like I have muscles
Rope: Liquid Force Watson combo
Shades: either the Spy Kubrik’s or Spy Tice’s
Pull: either Roman’s Tinny, Hooker’s jet ski or The Punisher (when it’s working)


Boat Speed: mid- to high-twenties, depending on the trick
Rope Length: depends on what I’m riding behind, it can vary from short (for the Tinny) or long (for the ski or boat)
Stance: right/goofy
Favorite trick: bigspins all day long