Available sizes” 41″

MSRP: $400


What type of riding is this product best for and why?

The Blend is best suited for moderate to advanced riding levels. There’s a lot going on with it since it’s a dual-level design, and it has a bit more weight and size to it than any of the other Byerly skates. I started riding this skate about a month ago and it seems to work great for all of the types of riding that I do, whether it be on the cable, behind a ski or boat, or on the winch. The Blend rides, rotates, and flips very predictably.

Appearance-wise, does it look sweet?

The graphic on the blend is a collaboration between two of Scott’s artists and looks sick! I really like this graphic. It’s pretty much a skull split down the middle with different “themes” on each side. Between the stickers, and the abuse I’ve put mine through, it doesn’t really make the best representation of the graphic, but the new website has some really good shots of it. (www.ByerlyWakeboards.com) The top of the bottom deck also has a cool “Byerly” print on it.

How durable is it (and how hard did you trying to break it)?

In my month of riding the Blend it has done much more damage to me than I have managed to do to it. I’ve been hitting rails pretty much every set I’ve taken on this skate so far, and I’ve done little more than wear some of the graphic off and put a few scratches in the bottom. It has held up fine across the wake, and the board has no problems landing upside down like some wooden designs.

What is different about this board than others you’ve tried?

The Blend is definitely unique among the “dual-level” decks available right now. It features a wood-core top deck that has a layer of glass on each side and an ABS sidewall so it will hold up to abuse with ease. The bottom deck is fully compression molded for strength, and features a mild center channel for tracking and a 3-stage rocker for lots of pop off the wake.

General thoughts?

The first couple of times I rode the Blend I wasn’t really feeling it, but I didn’t get to spend much time on it. Once I finally got my own and took it for a few sets, I pretty much fell in love with it. I relearned a lot of tricks I hadn’t done in years almost immediately, and have been learning new stuff pretty much every time I ride it. I’ve also found that I’m more consistent on this skate than any other I’ve ridden. Now I’m not saying it’s a miracle board, just that I really like it. It has tons of pop, the flex in the top deck makes landings a little softer, and it holds up great even when you abuse it at a cable park for days on end. I’d definitely encourage anyone to check it out whether you think you would like a dual-level skate or not, it might just change your mind.

Also, look out for most of the Byerly crew on the Byerly Bus Tour rolling through towns and lakes this summer!


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