What type of riding is this product best for and why?

The Braata is a good, basic canvas shoe. It’s nice to see after the first few generations of Nike 6.0’s that featured those puffy tongues that squeezed your feet while simultaneously holding water forever. The best thing about it for wakeskating is that while canvas drains well, it also keeps out sand, rocks, amoebas and other creepy things that can find their way through the mesh on some wakeskate shoes. That said, this is a perfect shoe for those winch spots that require a serious trek through questionable terrain to hit. And of course, it’s comfortable and low profile, making it work for just about anything. They are also super light, and grippy out of the box. Most notably though, they are super flexible, which is great for actually being able to feel the board under your feet.  

Appearance-wise, does it look sweet?

Out of the box, these have an almost boat shoe feel. But whatever, chances are you will wear them on a boat and you will fit right in! They come in a variety of colors, from the fluorescent that 6.0 is so fond of, to some more mellow colors as well. Depending on the color way, they have different artistic touches (some from famous artists such as Mark Paul Deren (a.k.a. Madsteez)) on the laces, soles and insoles.

How durable is it (and how hard did you trying to break it)?

It’s canvas, and it’s not going to last forever. If you are the sort of rider who just cruises around or rides foam you will get plenty life out of them, but you will definitely develop the standard ollie holes after a while if you are ollieing. That said, both Ben Horan and Matt Manzari wore these shoes for months after receiving their first pair, and the official report was that the grip wore out before they became unwearable due to holes. Maybe with all that Nike technology they’ve figured something out!

What is different about it than others of the same type of product you've tried? 

Comparing the Braata to the rest of the Nike 6.0 line, it’s almost like they are made by a different company. If you like the cushion and support of the Mavrk, then you probably won’t like the Braata. But if you want a low-profile, light, flexible shoe, then the Braata is awesome.

General thoughts?

Nike team rider Matt Manzari described the Braata as, “A 70's Vans on fire! This shoe brings a whole new aspect to the Nike 6.0 line. They are perfect for anyone from the kid who writes their emo thoughts in a notebook, to the dude who just wants to chill out and go to the beach.”