MSRP: $279.99 CDN
40 inch, 12.5 nose and tail, 45 degree sidewall, 15.5 width

What type of riding is this product best for and why?

The Sattelyte Giraffe is a very solid, and reliable. It will be there to take hit after hit and bring you from one trick to the next. I would recommend the Giraffe to anyone with this style of riding.
Appearance-wise, does it look sweet?

The deck looks fun, the graphic reminded me a lot of skateboards I used to buy, definitely a cool looking board.  

How durable is it (and how hard did you trying to break it)?

The PBT slider base is indestructible and very rail friendly. I rode the board all day at the cable hitting rail after rail, however the PBT base showed no signs of abuse.

What is different about it than others of the same type of product you've tried?

The deck sits fairly high in the water compared to other wood concaves giving it a looser feel. I had complete control over the board and it would do exactly what I wanted, when I wanted. The mellow concave and wide nose and tail allow you to have lots of room to move around. The deck is very snappy and alive; you can defiantly feel the board popping below you.

General thoughts?

This giraffe deck by Sattelyte is super fun, playful, and predictable. I jumped on the deck and immediately noticed how enjoyable and solid the Giraffe board is.