Raging Pull sounded like the party of the year. Not only was insane riding going down, but everyone I talked to said they had a great time. But unfortunately I couldn’t make it. Don’t worry, I had my own fun on Saturday, but no Raging Pull for me.

So why, you might ask, am I writing this story? Well, you see, the problem is Raging Pull may have been a little too fun. So fun, in fact, that the intended author, James Balzer, spilled beer on his computer, which left me sans story. But I can give you the basic gist of what went down: people did lots of tricks before any cameras were there to capture it, which begs the question, if no one blogs it, does it really happen? Ben’s mom was awesome and showed a veritable who’s who of wakeskating some serious southern hospitality. And of course, Nike 6.0 threw a great event and lucky for me, there’s a west coast one going down this summer as well.

But enough waxing poetic about something I am really not qualified to report on. I rounded up some pictures from JAM, Roland Lugo and Adam Aslanian, which as they say, are worth 1000 of these crappy words.

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