January 7th, 2014 by Alliancewake.com Spencer Norris

Its pretty amazing what you can get done with Reed Hansen with just a few sets of filming. No matter how you look at it, whether its boat or cable, this guy is talented. It helps to have all this in your backyard at home.

16 Responses to “Reed Hansen at Home”

  1. kyle Says:

    holy lord

  2. Steve@galeys Says:

    Yeah Reed! Always crushing it!

  3. Jim Says:

    Yeah Alliance! Keep them coming!

  4. tunes Says:

    the fact that he ride boat without fins is insane. Reed is the man. keep ripping

  5. Neckbeard Says:

    Yeah Reed! Those inward heels are so sick, I could watch them all day.

    Sick video Spencer. Stoked to see you putting out some skate edits.

  6. PLEASE Says:


    “You can only change the way something looks so much before it becomes a repetitive overload of unoriginality. Wakeskating looks way better in full speed anyway. Sure, a little sprinkle here and there when a trick is deserving of slow motion is fine. But when you completely blow it out you are pretty much ruining it for everyone else when slowing something down is actually appropriate.”

  7. Please stop Says:

    Go film a video of Reed and send it in to Alliance. I am sure they would appreciate your care if you actually did something about it instead of just posting a negative comment.

  8. wakeskateguy Says:

    Negativity and closed minds are dragging the sport down. Finally a video with good all around riding and not just dropping from waterfalls…

  9. wakeboarder Says:

    dropping waterfalls is cool

  10. wtf Says:

    video stops every time right when he drops the board in the water standing on the back of the boat

  11. lonnie Says:

    video doesn’t work

  12. Barry Manilo Says:

    Video stops working for me as well

  13. jamie Says:

    It’s really not that bad, and reed rips. Please, at least think for yourself and come up with your own commentary instead of sniping it from the wakeskate mag. That shit is worse than slow mo…

  14. jamie Says:

    And by shit, i mean not thinking and speaking for yourself, just to clarify.

  15. friend to all Says:

    it would be beneficial for everyone if we all continue to hate on each other? …
    get out your negative vibes in a positive way for others. or it just dominoes..

  16. Bobby Says:

    video won’t play all the way.. any other links?


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