August 28th, 2013 by Submitted

Reed Hansen can do a lot behind the boat. Don’t believe us? Watch and get ready to pick your jaw off the floor. Hammer time!

Video from mywaketv

6 Responses to “Reed Hansen…enough said”

  1. Steve Gould Says:

    dude this is insane, hs bs 5? wa so sick

  2. BillyE Says:

    heel back 5 was sick

  3. AB Says:

    Reed’s unreal at skate and has put in his time ..congrats dude keep it up always enjoy watching

  4. TheSpangler Says:


  5. Joe Blow Says:

    Switch 3 flip and switch heel w2w was beyond nuts

  6. Whaaat Says:

    i think he’s goofy.. dont think that was a switch 3 flip


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