Photo: Andrew Matarrazzo

Date: October 15, 2008

Location: San Diego Bay

Trick: Boardslide

Temperature: 70 and sunny

Another sunny day in San Diego, CA and Reed Watson and a couple of his wake brethren are eager to attempt a nice ledge conveniently located under the military crossing bridge in Point Loma. It’s give or take 70 feet long and during high tide about 2 feet above water. A prime spot when the time is right.  Reed’s looking to board slide into a perfect shot, but the camera can’t focus from across the water. So as the camera man I positioned myself where I could best center on Reed. This just so happened to be at the end of the ledge making it difficult for Reed to not come in crashing for a close up. Nevertheless, Reed’s commitment to the shot came through and despite the awkward dance between photographer and rider we ended up getting a clean shot. It does take two to tango.