August 5th, 2010 by alliancewakeskate

Integrity Wake’s 2010 Preview.

Integrity Wake’s 2010 Preview.

8 Responses to “Ride Among Us”

  1. erikmonty Says:

    looks incredible, el 10 11 ftw

  2. Alex Graydon Says:

    SOOO smooth, SOOO tech! Sick riding fellas.

  3. brian brust Says:

    Love the dingy w/ the tower. Is that a custom. or out of the box?

  4. jason Says:

    nice video and great riding…..any time your riddin throu tallahassee, fl
    his us up for a sesh……

  5. Mitchell Reed Cobb Says:

    He Jason, Do you guys have any winch spots???? Andrew Fortenberry, Collin Gee, and Myself will be driving from the Bayou to AMI in 2 weeks. Wondering what can be shredded on the way!

  6. Teleprompted Anthems Says:

    That just put me in a really good mood…

  7. Edgar Says:

    come to ATLANTA!!

  8. fsuwake Says:

    we have lots of good winching in tallahassee suprisingly enough


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