Age: 23
Home: Atlanta
Years riding: 4
Sponsors: 12 Gauge wakeskates and winches
Favorite spot: Prattville Dam
Lakes or Rivers? Rivers
Regular or goofy: Regs
Boat, PWC or Winch? Winch
Wake or sliders? sliders
Film or photos? Film
Skateboard or wakeboard? Skateboard
Inclines or boxes? inclines
Pool gaps or natural winching? All natural
Metal or Rap? Rap
Country or Reggae? Reggae
Home or away? away
Cash or Credit? Cash
Shout Outs…Kyle Walton, Steve Campbell, Vinny, Jake Slone, Bryan, Edgar, Slayden, Jenna , Tim Bragg, Mom, 420 Films and Nate Litmer

Hailing from Woodstock Georgia Russell Brigtwell has been making his presence in wakeskating very known. As a Member of the 12 Gauge Wakeskate and Winch team, Mr. Brighwell has been taking his riding, along with the entire winch scene, to a whole new level. After a recent winter stint in Orlando, Russell has been living with me for the past few months and I have gotten to watch him really come into his own. With a consistent background in the all the basics tricks needed and a handful of flip tricks, this guy is, without a doubt, on the rise. There is also one other thing that is for sure and that’s that this kid has as good of a skateboard style as anyone in the sport. If you’re in the south you never know where you might run into him, but chances are it will be at the local winch spot. Make sure you keep you eyes out for this kid to tear up whatever body of water he can find. We don’t call him Skates for nothing.

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