Photo: Jake Slone

Trick: Krooked Grind
Location: Random Dock, Sawyer’s
Date: Mayish, 2008
Approximate Temp: T-shirts and Jeans
Winch Driver: Hand rolling cigs one after another ” The Funky Cold Medina ” always has the perfect touch.

If this doesn’t make you want to break your Iron out and get krooked then nothing will. Russell Brightwell bringing that skateboard feel right into the blue waters of ‘Bama. While on a visit to our buddy Sawyer’s hometown, we dealt with days of monsoons, followed by a wind that felt like it was ripping straight through Tornado Ally. After a long discussion, we decided the only place ridable was in one of the lakes coves. Lucky for us we happen to be with a local that knew of a dock that would be perfect to poach. As soon as we got there, Walton and Vinny starting grabbing 2×6’s and cinder blocks right out of the summer home’s garage and screwing this wooden rail together on the boat dock. Before I could get my camera together, Funk had the winch fired up and tricks & beers were going down. After 3 or 4 hours of solitude, the summer home owners showed up and we didn’t know what was going to happen. They just calmly went into the house and after about 7 minutes the couple came walking down to the dock with lawn chairs and cocktails trying to squeeze their way into our bonus section.