By Adam Aslanian

On this particular day, I was invited out to shoot with none other than Andrew Pastura, Matt Hooker, Tj Giesy, and Grant Roberts (god he’s so hot right now). At first we headed over to the deer creek gap. Hooker started it off with some kickflip attempts, but was constantly bested by the lily pads that kept grabbing the rope from him. Grant was up next and was ever so close to a back big down it, until the cops had other ideas. Busted, as is usually my luck. So, after little debate, we all decided there was plenty of daylight left and headed over to the Sea World gap to see what Andy and Tj could accomplish.

Now the Sea World gap is not a new find in any sense of the word. This spot has been shredded for quite some time now in fact, and was first hit by Russell Brightwell, as immortalized in LaSewer. For me though, this was my first experience with it.  Once we arrived I immediately jumped out of the car and scoped it out. I had seen all the photos of this place so I had a reasonably good idea of what to expect. However, I must say that all the images in the world cannot do this place justice. This gap is gnarly. You start out in a plenty long enough area, and the ollie onto the rail isn’t tough at all, but after that all bets are off. Falling is not really an option. To your right you have a solid bed of rocks, and to your left, you have some gigantic metal contraption that I still don’t know the purpose of. But hey, it sure looks neat in photos. Bottom line, this spot is not for the faint of heart. I mean I definitely wouldn’t recommend going here for your first boardslide behind the winch or anything.

All gnarliness aside, the Sea World gap is pretty legit. It’s not too often you find a perfect metal rail to winch that you didn’t even have to construct. If you do ever happen to stumble upon this spot though, just stay out of sight because it’s a pretty easy bust. The Sea World police and their supercharged golf carts are always on the prowl. I found this out first hand once I decided to stand on top of the ledge where everyone could see me. Woops. If it wasn’t for me and my never-ending quest for the perfect angle, who knows what Andrew and Tj would have stuck that day.


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