February 25th, 2011 by alliancewakeskate

Snaps: February 25th

Travis Doran “Boardslide KickFlip Out” Photo: Roland Lugo

Matt Hooker  “Back 180″

Silas Thurman “Front Board Shuv out”

15 Responses to “Snaps: February 25th 2011”

  1. Eva71 Says:

    *Another REMOTE edition

    super sick

  2. Alex Says:

    Ben’s front side flip is legit

  3. Jones Joey Says:

    Pull R/W />—————@#_

  4. yup Says:


  5. dirka dirka Says:

    Silas doing a front board shuv-out…real original

  6. yup Says:

    wheres bens photo???

  7. huh Says:

    Trav rides for Obscura?

  8. Gangsta Grits Says:

    Pattycakes Wieland must have came across a Remote folder full of photos, where did Ben’s shot go?

    Sick shot by Lugo, Travis is a beast.

  9. lib Says:

    Really tired of looking at that mommy n daddy built pond

  10. Poor Baby Says:

    Jealousy and complaining isn’t going to make the pond go anywhere.

  11. Zak Stone Says:

    Great pics!! Love the mom and dad built pool even thou I think Nike paid the bill….. but hating won’t get you invited! Silas is more than a FB shuv out…. I know he does more!!

  12. Midwest Says:

    Kendogg for president

  13. y Says:

    i cant believe some dip dap would speak bad about silas a dude thats been helping the sport out since the beginning and now makes the boards you get all wet on, and to talk about probably the greatest backyard set up i have ever seen ever add in fifteen rusty chicks is propably the most pathetic

  14. Anthony Churchyard Says:

    why is it weekly snaps? but a yr ago?

  15. Brad G? Says:

    Where is the drop matt is at?


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