November 27th, 2010 by alliancewakeskate

Russell Brightwell. Photo: Chris Moore

Jen Gilanfarr. Photo Dave Giesbrecht

Tanner Champion. Photo:

9 Responses to “Snaps: November 27, 2010”

  1. real wakeskating Says:

    That last shot is sick, just checked out that link and that photographer is talented.

  3. ashie Says:

    Yeah tanner and drew!!

  4. EdgarPerez Says:

    yeah RB!

  6. Jules Says:

    get it Jenny Danger!

  7. dood. Says:

    haha, i like the advertisement for bright lawns in the first shot!

  8. EdgarPerez Says:

    Me too Dood. You know we are from the “A” everyday hustlin’ ! + bro is sick on the rails.

  9. Brightlawns Says:

    Brightlawns – Greener, Cleaner, and no in-between-er


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