October 1st, 2010 by alliancewakeskate

In the outskirts of Cincinnati, OH lies a magical place. A wakeskate utopia of sorts. It is home to two of the best wakeskaters in the world, and frequented by many more. I am referring, of course, to the Pastura compound. As you probably figured out from the video last week, we got the chance to spend a day shooting with the Remote team at this amazing place. So this week instead of your regularly scheduled Snaps, we present the shots from that day. All photos by Brooke Geery.

13 Responses to “Snaps Special Edition: The Pastura’s House”

  1. waker Says:

    Walton with that super mob super bicycle kick frontside flip. Who needs a flick.

  2. Josh Says:

    Haters will hate…..even if it isn’t flicked…kid’s will be negative…let’s enjoy wakeskating for what it is…?

  3. james Says:

    come on waker lets see some footage of your FLICKED switch frontside flip down a gap

  4. thatGuy Says:

    should we do tricks just to do them no matter how it looks? im not taking anything from walton. just saying the remote dudes are awesome to watch because when they do flip tricks it looks right. motives me to go out and learn them. have fun but have a little pride to. for more inspiration watch the boss’s most resend part.

  5. What Says:

    Name one other OG rider that is even doing flip tricks! Walton is the person you think of when you think of winching. He has inspired everone on that team I’m sure And he is a perf match for remote!!! So yeah go ahead and name some one else.

  6. midwest Says:

    sick photos. thanks for sharing these! Kendogg for president.

  7. james Says:

    Austin’s switch flip shot is sick!!

  8. Griffin Smith Says:

    Specs on the camera used???

  9. Griffin Smith Says:

    Specs on the camera(s) used???

  10. brookegeery Says:

    Hey Griffin. These were all shot with a canon 40d.

  11. Griffin Smith Says:

    Thanks man!

  12. Tex Says:

    Danny Hampson, George Daniels, BT, Byerly. All do flip tricks on the reg son! Most are as OG as it comes.

  13. Midwest Says:

    Kendogg for president!


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