Hit me!

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Photo: Ryan "Daum" Dahlem

Feeling lucky? Then check out these Southern California gaps you’ve probably driven past a hundred times if you’re a local. They are cleverly named Gamblers Gaps because the water level of the murky pools is never guaranteed. The spot is monitored by the water company and the odds of getting busted Monday thru Friday are 100/1 leaving our gambling for the weekends. Saturday and Sundays are a roll of the  dice deciding whether we’re hitting a 3 to 6 foot drop or a 5 1/2 foot wall ride up into shin deep water. Either way the risk always seems  to be worth the reward.

With some good old fashion fence rigging and a little help from  Winch Works, we scoped out the scene and head down to the gap of  the day. Setup entails strolling along the top of the gap to a medal folding chair sunken deep into grainy sand that reaks havoc on the Nikes. On our last trip, the crew consisted of Daum, Chris, Burratttt, Chip, and myself. We all took turns gapping down, everyone stomping but myself.

Anenberg team rider Chris Richardson got steezy with a shuv grab  down and a frontside one up, sacrificing his Obscura and skinning it down to the bone. It put an end to the session as the sun began to set. At the end of the day Gamblers gives us a bit of our skating fix in our never ending quest to find decent water in So Cal. — Krista.Bre