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photo: Chris Moore

When I first moved back home to Roswell, GA I figured I knew the area well enough to know there were no good gaps anywhere.  Turns out I was wrong, Google Earth sees all.

I had talked to Russell Brightwell the night before he ventured out looking for what I’m titling the gap as Hood Gap … see pictures for explanation, even though you are off the street, the tunnels keep you Spot of well informed you are still in the Hood.  Anyways, Russell and Slayden Johnson had two spots picked out for the day, they passed the first by 10 minutes so they decided to just continue to Hood Gap instead.

The landing is a little short so a makeshift dam was built to raise the water a few inches, worked perfect.  The only other modifications needed were to remove the tree stump and rebar submerged in the landing pool and stack a few rocks inside the tunnel to get a few inches for the ollie.  The winch was placed on the hill behind the landing and tied to a tree for stability.  The last tricky part was starting, the driver could not see the rider.

We had no trouble with authority, just an older lady concerned we were dumping trash in the creek.  She was perfectly fine with us “waterskiing”.  Considering where the gap is I would think the only trouble we would run into would be locals of the street, not to worried about that either, everyone we saw seemed pretty chill.

No video camera was in the bag for the first visit, just the still camera but Russell still managed to throw down anyways: multiple shuvs out, 3 shuvs and a backside 180 were all stomped first try.  Video to come with our next visit.– Chris Moore