The start up roller is your chance to get the most air riding behind the ski. As the jetski starts, it digs into the water, and creates a bigger wake. It only lasts for a couple seconds, but if you time it right, you can pop off that sucker like crazy. Here are  some tips for maximum pop.

Frame 1. Rip at the wake

Frame 2. Look at the spot on the wake where you want to launch from.

Frame 3. Edge through the lip and snap hard and fast.

Frame 4. Start bringing your front foot up a bit slower than you would for a normal ollie. Try to float it as high as you can.

Frame 5. Once you feel you are at the peak of your jump, push up and forward and start to flatten out.

Frame 6. Poke that shit! Hold it flat as long as you can.

Frame 7. Spot your landing and keep your knees bent.

Frame 8. Absorb that landing.

Frame 9. Ride away.

Once you master the pop off the start up roller, you can mix it up with shifties and big 180s, or really anything else you can think of.


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