Name: Steven Campbell
Age: 27
Home: Lake Sheen, FL.
Years riding: 3 years
Sponsors: Gator Boards, Helium, DBOT 5
Boat, PWC or Winch? Winch as long as it’s running good
Wake or sliders? Rails and drops
Film or photos? Film
Skateboard or wakeboard? Definitely skateboard or trampskate
Inclines or boxes? Both set up together
Pool gaps or natural winching? Natural winching, it feels more like skateboarding
Metal or rap? Old school metal
Home or away? Home

The first time I met Steve Campbell, he was recovering from a knee injury after doing some sort of shuv it indy superman maneuver off a cable park kicker. I’ve been riding with Steve and have watched him progress since the day he recovered about two years ago. Since then, he has become an extremely talented waterboarder with a killer individual style. I’ve also seen Steve surf some pretty gnarly waves, and I can definitely tell his surf style filters into his wakeskating.

Steve is a very well rounded rider, whether it is boat, jet ski, or winch, Steve is sure to throw down some bangers. Even in contests such as at the first stop of the Byerly Toe Jam, his runs included kickflips and frontside flips in both his boat and rail sets and advanced him through qualifying and into the top 10. He is definitely one of the most consistent riders I know, capable of producing long lines with difficult tricks.

I have never known anyone to be more dedicated to this sport or have as much drive to succeed. Steve will definitely be one to watch out for; he has many new tricks in the works that will surely show that he can certainly skateboard on water.